Knowledge is power. The more you know and understand your members, the easier it will be to provide a golfing experience they want.

Golf clubs have more information about their members than they think and it probably isn’t too difficult to get more. You should have standard information that you probably captured when they joined but what about competitions they have played in  or what they spend in the bar? The footprint of each member gives a clear indication of how, and when, they use your golf club. Some things to consider;

  • Do you identify the players who practice?
  • Do you have a list for whom social events are important?
  • Who are the players who are competition regulars?
  • Who always orders from the bar menu?

Tracking this information and understanding what your members want from the club means you can ensure you are providing that offering. 

Simple segmentation will provide you with groups of people to target with specific communications and offers. You will get a better return on what you invest AND give your members a better golfing experience, one which is in line with what they are interested in – Win/Win.

It is impossible to please everyone all the time, but listening to your members, identifying trends and acting on the findings will help your retention numbers.

Remember, satisfied golfers don’t go elsewhere.


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