Can golf be a fitness solution?


Golf clubs promote lots of things. Green fees, society days, memberships and venue hire – to name four. How often do you see a golf club promote fitness as a key driver? Virtually never. People are living longer, lifestyles are changing and golf is a great solution to keeping active and staying fit that most people never consider.

Many people consider golf an older person’s sport. Maybe they are right. Maybe that’s where the Sunday morning footballer who can no longer keep up goes. Or the rugby player whose body just really can’t face another head on collision. Or the early retiree who no longer has eight hours of work to keep them busy. The truth is, there are many reasons people take up golf at different times in their lives; so why not to keep fit?

Just a walk in the park (or on the course in this case)

Consider these 5 points
• Playing a round of golf you walk 5-6 miles. Walking between 5,000 and 10,000 steps per day improves your fitness. Over 10,000 steps per day leads to weight loss.
• You burn around 1,500 calories. Obviously this varies by person but a 12 stone man would take two hours on an exercise bike to achieve the same result.
• Exercise and fresh air are proven to improve sleep patterns. Sleep recharges the body, a great fitness boost.
• As a low impact sport it’s easy to stay healthy (and competitive) with a lower risk of injury.
• Stress relief – you’re outside, you’re socialising and you’re benefitting from the release of endorphins, which make you happy and relaxed (obviously we’re not counting the stress your golf game may cause you!)

Gyms promote in January and lose a high percentage of those new customers by March. At this point, the golf season is just getting going. It might not be the first activity people think of but it’s sociable, it’s fun and it might be a solution that people are looking for.


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