It’s all in the Planning


Whatever you do, it always runs smoother with good planning. The trouble is, that’s not the fun part and everyone wants to get to the part where stuff is being done. Most of the things golf clubs do are similar from year to year so if you have a plan and you have a process then you should start to reap rewards with your execution.

Let’s take a classic for all golf clubs – societies. Do you have a process written down? If you had to teach someone what to do with a society, how would you do it? Consider these aspects when you look at how you deal with societies and always relate it back to how you would want to be dealt with. With planning and a process, you get consistency.


  • Is there a named contact on any communications that goes out or on the website?
  • Is there a booking system to use that everyone can adhere to? One system means consistency in recording .
  • Do you confirm bookings in writing? Numbers, dates, etc – a simple step that many clubs still miss out.
  • A named contact for any subsequent contact – do you have one? Multiple conversations with multiple people is a sure-fire way to ensure something is missed. 

Two weeks before

  • Do you touch base with the organiser? Provides re-assurance, is good customer service and builds the relationship.

On the day

  • Do you have a checklist that anyone could work to? Think of all the things you need to cover, write them down and have it as a training aid. Welcome board, contact on arrival, food orders, competition to collect data, prize table, etc, etc. Think of as much as you can, think what you would need and ensure you deliver it.

Following up
A questionnaire to get feedback, a subsequent offer for a return visit or just a simple thank and we hope you enjoyed your day – this all leads to better customer service, good feedback from visitors and repeat custom. Simple steps with big benefits.

Consider doing this with all golf club activities and see how some simple guides and planning can lead to better execution and better results for your customers.

For more ideas, go to the golf club marketing resource website.



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