When is a new member no longer a new member?


Many golf clubs have a new member joining pack to help golfers when they first join a club. It gives the new member all the information they need and can include some nice branded items to make them feel even more welcome and part of the club. 

It is vital to help new members settle in. They may already have friends who play here but it should always be assumed that they don’t. This time period is all about reassuring the new member that they have made the right decision. Like any big purchase, you don’t want to find problems with it after you’ve bought it.

That’s just the start point

Retention of a member starts the minute someone becomes a member. It is an ongoing process to make sure they optimise their golfing, and social, experience at the club. For new members it should be pro-active not re-active. Have a plan in place which makes it simply business as usual.

Did you know – most people who leave a club do so in the first 2-3 years?

You may have a great initial programme but it needs to get people through this time period. There are many things which can be considered to help this process. A few ideas for you.

  • The welcome pack – still critical for the new member to have the information to hand
  • Find a game initiative – people leave golf clubs because they are not playing enough. Many existing members have their group and regular partners. It may not be as easy for new members.
  • Competitions – a great way to enable new members to meet key members of the club. You know the people it would be good for them to play with – pair them up!
  • Guest passes – let them show off their new club to their friends. It encourages more visitors and could be the first step to more members
  • Make them aware of the social calendar. Events are a good opportunity for them to bring their partner or family. More engagement leads to more investment in the club from the member.

Don’t leave things to chance. Surveys, bespoke communications, new member competitions and more are all areas which can help someone feel more part of a club and get them using their membership as much as they can.

If players do leave in those first 2-3 years, the chances are there is something you could have done about it. You just might not have been paying attention.

For more ideas, go to the Golf Club Marketing Resource website.


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