Have you planned how to implement?


What happens after you have decided what to do?

The biggest hurdle to delivering consistent and effective marketing within a golf club is not the lack of ideas and planning but the lack of time and resource. For a plan to happen someone must be responsible for it. Make sure someone, or a team of people, undertakes to implement it, review its progress and its success.

Whilst more and more clubs are appointing a Marketing Manager, for many the function still falls to a volunteer committee. If this is the case, then it is important to make sure you have the right people in place.

Decision by committee – know the roles

On a marketing committee there is often no one to implement so it gets left to those around the table. Therefore, the benchmark for recruiting a marketing committee is often ‘will they do it, rather than can they’. Defining job roles first will at least give you a fighting chance of recruitment the right people.

Recruiting a Marketing Manager

Some marketing committees are very effective, but can such an important business function be delivered for nothing year after year? There is a lot of ‘grunt work’ associated with marketing. Many times, a group get off to a good start but then the enthusiasm starts to wane as they continuously have to tackle new projects. More and more golf clubs are reaching out to professionals. They need to be paid for their efforts and when a golf club says we can’t afford it, you need to consider whether you can afford not to.


Even the best marketing committee or marketing professional will feel undervalued if they don’t believe they are being taken seriously. They can’t do everything for free, so they will need a simple budget. People can accomplish remarkable things with a limited budget but don’t under invest or ignore it completely.

Planning is all well and good but implementation costs money.

The Right Tools

Consider investment in the right tools to make your marketing easier. A great website, an email campaign system, a proper data collection process. Establish which tools may be useful for your club. Whilst it may require investment, the chances are the right tools will make the entire process much easier to implement what you have planned.


There will be scrutiny on marketing and its results – especially if money has been spent – so you need to put a proper measurement process in place. Keep the lines of communication open between the marketing function and the Board as well as other committees.

Every month review what has been achieved the previous month, what results it has produced within the business and make a record of each of the successes and the failures. There will be other marketing committees / managers following the current incumbents and documented learnings will prove invaluable.

For more ideas go to the Golf Club Marketing Resource website.


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