Have Newsletters Had Their Day?


Golf clubs can communicate with their members’ through many mediums including their website, social media, emails and text messages.  However, one of the most traditional ways continues to be a newsletter.

An update from the chairman, one from the captain, a pro shop sale, seniors update, latest club results – any of this sound familiar? I’m guessing most of you can relate.


Are they useful? Does anyone read them? Who are they aimed at?

I see many clubs where the newsletter sits in a display unit in the clubhouse and the only time it gets taken out is to put the next one in. Hardly inspiring.

Some clubs have moved to sending them out in an email and this is classed as embracing the digital age. Granted, it saves some paper but it’s not exactly addressing the issue.

Ask yourself some key questions:

  • What do we want the members to do as a result of this communication?
  • Is there a better way of getting the same information across?
  • Is it even the right information?

Communication with your members is vital BUT – Are you telling them what you want to tell them or what they want to hear about?

There is a subtle difference, but experience suggests the chances are it’s the former.  

Good communications need to be relevant to the audience and one newsletter for the whole club may not be the best way of engaging people. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but most of the content should be of interest to the majority of the audience or you are simply wasting your time. With so many communication options, don’t limit yourself by trying to be all things to all people in one.

Challenge yourself – don’t just do things because “That’s what we’ve always done”.



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