Are you using marketing like cardboard over a broken window?


I recently cracked a window in my house. A branch from a tree in my garden knocked against it in a storm. It was a small window and no issue in terms of home security, so I put some cardboard up. It covered the crack and it stopped the wind getting in. Problem solved.

However, I could no longer see out of the window. The cardboard didn’t really solve the problem and in the longer term I would have to pay to get it sorted out properly. What I should have done is sorted out the tree before it became an issue.

What’s that got to do with marketing?

Too many clubs use marketing in the same way – as a solution to a problem rather than an option which prevents the problem in the first place.

  • Not enough members – best do some marketing
  • Need some green fees – best do some marketing

All reactive, no planning.

Marketing is not about flashy adverts and pretty pictures. It is all about knowing what to offer to whom – and when to do it. And that means planning as a start point.

A quote from the 18th Century which is still relevant today.


“If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin



Planning can help you budget, ensure you are constantly maximising your revenue opportunities and use marketing as it should be used – to drive your club forward, not cover up gaps.


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