Make the most of an event


Golf clubs frequently look at what promotional activity they can run to help drive more business. This could be more members, increased green fees, society offers or reduced-price lessons – to name a few. The marketing team can then get into lengthy discussions about what to call the activity and how to promote it. One thing that should always be considered is to theme it around an event.

Why theme to an event?

This can be done on time of year – New Year’s Resolution, Winter offers, Valentines, May madness, etc. There are loads of opportunities to tie in your promotion to a standard calendar. This makes your promotion more relevant.

Why not make it even more relevant to golf and use a golf event? There are big tournaments throughout the golfing calendar which you can tie into a promotion. The Open, The Masters, the Ryder Cup – just three practical options for a themed offer. There is always naturally more interest in golf around these events, especially the Ryder Cup, and a little nudge to encourage people out on the course can help drive your revenue.

Extending the offer beyond the golf

If you tie the offer into activity in the club then when you get visitors through the door they see the promotional brand extended across the whole club. It’s also good for the members to see some clubhouse activity around events as it provides a difference from what they normally see.

Some options you could consider, using the Ryder Cup as an example

  • Theme the food offer. You could have a European dish and an American dish on promotion.
  • Speak with the brewery – could they do a deal on appropriate drinks e.g. French wine, Budweiser, etc. They may also be able to provide some materials for decoration.
  • Run a Ryder Cup themed prize draw
  • Promote the option of watching the Ryder Cup at the club
  • Look at bonus offers when Europe win a point

These are just some ideas, there are loads of opportunities around such an event to bring it to life. By implementing the offer and the internal activity you can piggyback on the coverage of the event and be relevant to the audience that you are aiming to promote to. Keep it simple, do it well and it’s a promotional template you can come back to time and time again.

For more ideas like this, go to the Golf Club Marketing Resource website


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