Time to make up for lost green fees


 The start of 2018 couldn’t have been much worse for many golf clubs, as the weather took its toll on courses across the UK. Heavy rain, snow and more heavy rain meant closures, often weeks at a time, for some golf clubs. This obviously has an impact on green fees as paying golfers were either unable to get onto the course or unwilling to play in such conditions.

So, and this is a key question….

What are you doing about it now?

At this stage, golf clubs have a couple of options. They can bury their heads in the sand and hope that the better weather brings in more bookings than they had anticipated OR, they can be proactive and chase back that lost revenue.

Here are three things you could be doing to get your green fees back on track.

Email, email and email. The addresses you have are of people who have played your course. Encourage them back directly with bespoke offers. You could try play 4 times and get a fifth round free over a limited time. Help them play the golf they have missed and make them loyal to your course

It could have been a wash out completely or a society not played in the best conditions. Look at follow up offers to these groups for re-booking with you.
With exclusive offers you can look to fill your tee slots and recover some of that lost revenue.

Strategic Pricing
Look at your tee sheet. When are you quiet? Consider setting prices at quiet times to lower rates to fill up your available tee slots.
You stay in control of the pricing but you encourage more players at times when biggest asset is underutilised.

Don’t hope for things to happen or wait for things to happen. Go and make them happen!

For more ideas, go to the golf club marketing resource website.


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