It’s not all about 18 holes


Golf clubs tend to offer memberships which consider a round of golf to be 18 holes. Given this usually represents their course then this is a sensible approach. What they don’t necessarily take into consideration, is that there is an audience out there who want to play golf but, for whatever reason, cannot play, or do not want to play, 18 holes.

It’s a age thing
It may be a club member who is now too old to play a full 18 holes but still enjoys their golf. Why make them pay full price when they are not able to utilise the full benefit? Surely offering them a 9-hole membership is a better option than them leaving the club.

The Newbie
Alternatively, a 9-hole membership could be ideal for someone who is new to golf. They may not feel confident enough for a full round but would like such a membership to get them started.

The Injured Golfer
We are often warned to ‘Beware the injured golfer’ but we should also be aware that golfers with injuries may not be physically able to complete 18 holes and may benefit from a 9-hole membership while they get back to fitness.

It’s just a matter of time
Finally, there may be golfers who simply do not have time to play 18 holes of golf at a time due to other commitments. This gives them an alternative.
Offering a 9-hole membership adds another option for golf clubs to offer people so they can maximise the use of a membership which is best suited to them.

As golfers look for more options to play the game, 9-hole membership is simply another option golf clubs should consider. It increases your target audience and that segment of your membership could easily become a golf club within the golf club. For the newbie, the injured golfer and the time poor player, it could also be a good stepping stone to full membership.


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