Your website – it needs feeding to live


When was the last time you updated your club website? Is it something you do on a regular basis? Have you got someone internally who is responsible for it or do you pay a company to maintain it?

Your website is a living, breathing promotional tool. If you do not feed it then it will die (Obviously that’s a bit extreme but you get the point).

Have a process in place to regularly review your site to ensure it remains relevant and up to date. News items, blogs and links to social media can all help keep a website fresh for regular visitors. If you do have a members’ section it can also be an excellent ongoing communication tool which will aid retention.

What will help with this? – 5 key points for website updates

1. Ensuring someone is responsible. If you don’t allocate this to someone then no one will do it. Sounds obvious but it’s amazing how many clubs get a website up and running and then just leave it.

2. Websites are not all about copy and for golf clubs that couldn’t be truer. Sell your golf club as hard as you can with images of the course at its best. As seasons changes the course looks different – an easy update could be to alter the Homepage image.

3. Testimonials – it’s great if you have these but not so great if the one on your site is from 3 years ago. You have regular visitors and societies, make use of them. People are influenced by recommendations (that’s why TripAdvisor is so successful) so make sure you’re selling your course on the views of others.

4. Drive people to interact with the site with calls to action – this could be booking a tee time, leaving feedback, enquiring about using the venue – give them lots of things to move their engagement forward – it’s not all about just providing information.

5. Put on a tickertape scroll. This can be updated daily with any message you like – course conditions, congratulations to the latest competition winner, promoting the carvery, etc – there are loads of options with this, which regular visitors will appreciate.

Above all else, ensuring you schedule in time for changes. Diarise them and it becomes part of the normal day, not just something that is looked at every six months.

For more ideas, go to our website, Golf Club Marketing Resource.


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