Social Media isn’t one size fits all


You shouldn’t always be putting the same messages out across all social media platforms. For example Twitter is different to Facebook as people use it for information and latest news. Not all your tweets have to be about the club. All aspects of golf should be covered such as announcements from players (new clubs), Major tournament information, interesting press conferences, etc.

There are numerous good Twitter feeds around golf which you can use to retweet content, it’s not all about creating unique material from scratch.

As a rule

  • Post 1-3 times every day
  • 90/10 rule in terms of content/engagement posts versus sales posts
  • Drive a call to action where possible (click, visit, comment, etc)
  • Keep it entertaining
  • Always link to the account from the club website and vice versa
  • Tag other Twitter accounts (where appropriate) to encourage further interaction

Social Media Content

In order to ensure focus and consistency you should identify key subject areas which will be covered by the Twitter feed. 


  • Any comments on your tweets should be liked and/or responded to. People like to feel they are being heard and they have taken the time to interact so we should always reciprocate.
  • Deal with any negative comments off the page. Private message people to try and ascertain the issue and resolve if possible.


  • Encourage all golf club members to like the page – email / notice in clubhouse
  • Encourage sharing of the page by golf club members
  • Encouraging liking, commenting and retweeting


For more ideas go to the Golf Club Marketing Resource website.


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